Business Golf Days & Corporate Golf Days

Reap the rewards of business and corporate golf days designed especially for you

At South Coast Golf we know how beneficial a round of golf can be for businesses looking for networking opportunities outside the boardroom. As such, we are keen to help those businesses reap the benefits that business golf days or corporate golf events can bring.

Your golf expert, David and his partner, Claire Love, were the co-founders of the South Coast Golf Tour, a business networking group born out of a combined love of golf and growing successful companies through recommendations, relationships and referrals.

The Tour ran for 8 years, had over 400 businesses involved and hosted over 60 golf networking events for business people across the South of England. The core values of the South Coast Golf Tour have been progressed into the corporate golf events that South Coast Golf now run.

Benefits of corporate golf days

Hosting a business golf day allows you the perfect opportunity to spend time with prospective customers and colleagues in a less formal environment, away from the workplace. While set in a more relaxed environment, a professionally run business golf network day will reflect well on the way your business is run.

It also makes a perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness through social media and other avenues.

Book your Business Golf Day now

We are here to take the hard work off your hands by providing corporate golf days with exciting event formats which are perfectly run and organised to your exact specifications.

So, all you need to do is get in touch with us and look forward to developing your business relationships while enjoying the golf!

"We have organised a number business golf days through South Coast Golf so that our teams could better get to know our valued customers. All have been a massive success! Highly recommended."

- Geoff & Pete Raynsford,  Owners, 5 Rings Group