Golf Video Swing Analysis

Understand your swing to improve your overall golf game

At South Coast Golf, we know that mastering your golf swing can be tricky. But with the help of Video Swing Analysis, improving your swing doesn’t have to be complicated.

Using the same technology as elite coaches and athletes, your Head Professional, David will help you break down the smallest details of your swing technique. Video Swing Analysis uses slow-motion and freeze-frame technology that lets you and David review and study your movements during your lesson.

Under the expert guidance from David, you will get to interact with your coach as he analyses all areas of your swing from set up, pivot, path, to lever and release. And with each of these areas containing their own metrics (for example, set up requires evaluating grip, stance, knee flex, posture, ball position and aim/alignment), we understand that these tiny details can be overwhelming to improve on your own.

This is why South Coast Golf’s Video Swing Analysis is the ideal solution for you to record your progress. As you and David work together to create your own personal archive of the video practice sessions, you will find seeing the noticeable improvements in yourself an extremely rewarding accomplishment.

Improve your Golf Swing today

Contact your Golf Professional David, to book your Video Swing Analysis, help you find your groove and get that perfect golf swing!