Golf Club Regripping & Golf Club Repairs

Get the most out of your golf clubs with our regripping and repairs service

Did you know that studies show 66% of golfers who had new grips saved 3 to 4 strokes per round? Golf club regripping and golf club repairs are a must for anyone who enjoys a regular game of golf.  So, why not let us help you to keep your golf equipment in tip-top condition with our golf club regripping and repairs service?

At South Coast Golf, we understand the importance of keeping your grips fresh and ensuring they are correctly adjusted to your needs. It's this (and some good golf coaching) that will help you to get the very best enjoyment from the game - not to mention the type of score card that you're aiming for, too.

Care for your clubs

Taking care of your golf clubs so they perform optimally helps you to be more consistent in overall performance. The grip is the only thing that connects you to the clubs and the fit should be perfect and unique to each player, which is why our golf club regripping and repair services are such a vital part of the work we do - all of which is carried out with the aim of helping you to become a better golfer. 

For more information on our golf club repairs and regrip services, get in touch with your Golf Professional, David.