Golf Lessons For Kids

When you want your young ones to take up a new sport, try kids golf lessons

You're never too young to get into golf and from the moment you're able to hold a club, you can learn how to play with kids golf lessons from South Coast Golf.

If the usual sports are getting a bit dull and you like the idea of your children trying something new, our experienced golf expert, David, has been providing golf lessons for children in Surrey, West Sussex and East Sussex for many years.

From groups of young people looking to learn how to play properly, to golf lessons for children on their own, David can help to make junior golf lessons fun.


Start from as young as three!

Golf lessons for 5-year-olds and even golf lessons for 3-year-olds are available. Because, believe it or not, if you can hold a club, you can start to develop your swing with our DBS registered expert, David.

When it comes to teaching children how to play golf, we realise that the main aim is for them to have fun and enjoy themselves. This way they can develop their skills in the best possible way and go on to be some of the great golfers of the future. And of course, it will give them something new and exciting to talk about with their friends.

To find out more about what kids golf lessons in Surrey and Sussex we provide, to book a place, or to hear more about the fun summer programmes and other types of junior golf lessons that are available, get in touch with David today.