Ladies Golf Lessons

Improve your swing and enhance your game with ladies golf lessons from South Coast Golf


If you’ve decided to get into golf and are wondering, ‘Where can I find ladies golf lessons near me?’, then you’ve come to the right place.

Did you know that, according to England Golf, the governing body for amateur golf in England, only 15% of club members are female – leaving us trailing far behind many European countries!

At South Coast Golf, we’re comitted to changing that figure, because we’ve coached some amazing women golfers in our time and we’re keen to help even more ladies get into golf.


Types Of Golf Lessons For Women

There could be many reasons why you’ve decided to up your game and get some golf lessons in, or there could be no reason at all, other than the fact that you enjoy a round of golf.

Some women choose to take up ladies golf lessons to improve their game when playing with business associates, partners and friends, or others do it in order to make the most of an upcoming golfing holiday abroad. 

Whatever your reason for looking into ladies golf lessons, we can help by providing a ladies golf lesson plan that’s right for you. 

Our golf expert, David, will start by establishing what your goals are - whether it’s to learn how to play, or get your handicap into single figures. Then, it’s time to work on your golf, whether that’s through improving your short game, or on course tuition.

We can offer golf lessons for ladies as individuals, pairs or a group. To find out more about our ladies golf lessons, get in touch with David for a friendly chat.


Get Into Ladies Golf

If you’re looking into ladies golf lessons for the first time, you might also be interested to find out about networking groups such as the Lady Golfer Club, which were set up to champion the ladies game by encouraging more women to take part in the game. The club provides members with the opportunity to network with like minded women, while getting the chance to play at some of the top courses in the country. At South Coast Golf we have been pleased to be among the coaches who have run the lessons which are offered to club members. 

This is what the Founder of the Lady Golfer Club, Carrie Colliss, had to say: 

"I first picked up a club 6 years ago, when a friend took me to our local driving range and I’ve been hooked ever since. Great fun, great exercise and very sociable. However,  as I worked full time and travelled often, it wasn't economically viable to join a golf club and I didn't have the time to play 18 holes every week. The aim of The Lady Golfer Club is to make the game more accessible and affordable at every level to women".