Custom Fitting Golf Clubs

Precision made golf clubs designed to maximise your performance

Custom fitting golf clubs might seem like a bit of a luxury, but did you know that off-the-rack irons, drivers and putters require a golfer to adapt his or her swing to adjust to the clubs? If you want to unleash your ultimate golfing performance, precision made golf clubs could be the answer.

They work in the opposite way to off the shelf solutions, by identifying a golfer’s swing characteristics to build a set of personalised clubs that maximise the player’s performance. Custom fitting golf clubs can support a player’s game by matching their physical attributes, swing patterns, and personal style of play.

Custom fitted clubs tailored to you

At South Coast Golf, we are happy to help our customers get booked into their nearest Custom Fitting Retailer. Using the most advanced technology, a club fitter will work with you to find everything, from analysing your body’s measurements and movement, to selecting the right head models, lofts, flex, shafts and weights.

Contact your Head Professional David, now to find out more about Custom Fitting.