Golf Coaching for Business

Make the best possible impression out on the course

As a business owner or trade professional, has anyone ever told you that golf coaching for business might be exactly what your company needs to help boost its success and make you new contacts? Here's why...

Golf networking is an excellent way to get to know the right people within your business or industry, as well as grow better business contacts and forge lasting relationships. Many a new acquaintance has been made, or a good business deal struck on the golf course - and this has been the case for many years.

But, if golf is completely new to you, then you might feel that it is important to up your game, before getting out on the course. This is where golf coaching for business comes in.

Look the part

You don't want to look like you don't have a clue about the difference between a seven iron and a putter. Or you may be a well established golfer looking to improve your performance.

If you've discovered that much of your local business networking is carried out on the golf course, you'll want to feel like you can confidently make it to the 19th hole with your head held high.

It's not necessarily about getting the lowest numbers on your scorecard, or being the best out there, but getting some company golf coaching in the weeks beforehand can make all the difference to your confidence on the course.

Having seen the benefits of golf networking in practice, our Head Professional David can help you improve your golf game and be ready for any business golf events you have coming up. This can be done by first assessing your abilities and then providing the right levels of support through professional golf coaching tailored to your own specific needs and requirements.

Book your golf coaching for business

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