Online Video Golf Lessons

Improve your golf game with online golf lessons from our expert

As the world adapts to ‘the new normal’, at South Coast Golf we are doing the same through our online golf lessons.

Thanks to our expert Video Golf Analysis and Golf Lessons online, you can still work on your golfing skills with David’s professional coaching, support and guidance.

Video Golf Analysis

Achieve your perfect swing with the latest video technology to fine-tune your technique and build confidence in your abilities.

At South Coast Golf, we understand that perfecting your swing is key to improving your whole game. That is why we are excited to introduce Video Swing Analysis - an innovative way to easily see how you perform.

Under the expert supervision of David, you will interact and work with your Golf Pro, who will monitor your progress and guide you towards getting that perfect golf swing. Video Swing Analysis allows you and David to view and study your performance as he helps you adjust with the slightest of tweaks, which in the sport of golf, can make a world of difference in your overall game.

As you make noticeable improvements on your swing, when you’re back on the course your golfing buddies will notice, too!

Online Golf Lessons

With our golf lessons now available online, you can still practise, improve, and hit your specific goals from the comfort of your home with the specialist guidance of our golf expert, David, taking you through each movement step-by-step.

At South Coast Golf, we understand the complexities of the game, especially without an expert eye to detect any weaknesses in your technique. So, whether you’re a seasoned player or a complete beginner, this could be the perfect solution to helping you stay on top of your game.

If you’re ready to get back on the golf course, we can also provide 1-on-1 Private Golf Lessons with added social distancing measures (remaining a safe 2 metres apart) as outlined by the COVID-19 global safety protocols.

So grab your beloved golf club, and contact David today to book your Video Golf Analysis and home-based Golf Lessons!