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Are You Missing The Best Business Resolution for 2016?

Smart business owners won’t be waiting until the New Year to plan how they are going to improve their business in 2016, they will already be putting plans into place to ensure that next year is their most successful yet.

What have you got planned to improve your business in 2016? If you’re looking for a way to increase the number of links you have to vital new business, hosting a networking event could be the answer – and we’ve got just the event for you.

Hosting a Company Golf Day means that you can bring your most valued clients and colleagues together in a fun and social environment for a networking event that they will actually enjoy – and which will send business benefits your way.

5 Reasons a Company Golf Day will be your best business decision for 2016

  • Nurture existing business relationships – putting on an event for a select group of your clients will help those chosen to feel valued and appreciated by your business. In turn they will have more respect for you and the work you do for them. Inviting them to a networking event also gives them the gift of new business opportunities themselves, as they will be mixing with like-minded, driven people.
  • Develop vital new business connections – the best thing about bringing your clients to an event on the South Coast Golf Tour is that hosting such an event to woo your clients hasn’t just been for their benefit – with the wider network that plays on the Tour it’s a great chance for you to put your business in the limelight and build some great business connections yourself.
  • Increase your brand awareness– hosting an event on the South Coast Golf Tour will provide you will ample opportunities to show case your brand, from branded banners and materials decorating the event on the day, to gaining visibility on the South Coast Golf Tour website, people are sure to be talking about your business after such an event.
  • Improve your business reputation – Additionally, having your top clients at the event singing your praises means the group will be able to hear first-hand why they should work with you.
  • Maximise business opportunities with a Joint Company Golf Day – if you really want to boost the atmosphere then a joint company golf day could provide even more for both you and your clients – more people, more opportunities and more success! Choose a company you know well to team up with or allow the South Coast Golf Tour to find the best fit for you and your clients by contacting tour director David on 07881 010847.

Not sure a larger event is right for you? In the past even a small-scale event has provided important opportunities. WPA Health Insurance developed some significant new business contacts following their Client Hospitality day on the South Coast Golf Tour – just by bringing 12-16 people with them to the event. And if this is what you can achieve at a small event, imagine what could be gained from something larger scale.

Don’t wait for the New Year to make your best resolution – book your Company Golf Day now and reap the business benefits in 2016 by contacting Tour Director David on 07881 810847 or via